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Mortimer LOJKA

Graphic Designer • Brussels, Belgium

Making a melody is easy.

Composing a powerful track requires other qualities.

My job is to create visuals having a personality,
to build signature designs that can evolve strongly.

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Clients & Projects

  • Unilever
  • Pepsi
  • Rover
  • Deutsche-Bank
  • BeBrussels

Mortimer LOJKA


You need a graphic designer?
Let's discuss !




Brand Identity, Advertising & Visual Communication
Art Direction
Graphic and Logo Design, Illustration
Print, Packaging & Food Design
Magazine Layout, Typography & Composition
Colour Managment & Print Quality Control
Retouching & DTP


Motion Design: After Effects & Premiere

French • English • Dutch • German


After the Fine Arts school, I studied Graphic Design and became Graphic Coordinator in a packaging agency, managing the design and pre-print process for Lipton Ice Tea International (Pepsi Co./ Unilever) during 7 years.

This allowed me to participate in the development of new international designs, manage a team, the roll-out process, and make quality contols at printhouses: I travelled around Europe meeting printers, optimizing with them the modus operandi, and built myself a strong knowledge of printing techniques.

I am freelance since a couple of years now, working with and for agencies, collaborating with art galleries, artists and creatives. I've also been coordinator at The Shaere, a studio for visual artists.
Graphic design and typography are my passions, and I work every day getting better at it.